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Abbi Secraa: Wet T-Shirt Car Wash

Just been checking out these amazing new pictures released by Abbi Secraa. Abbi get’s her huge tits out washing a car…

This set starts off with quite a few pictures of Abbi Secraa wearing a white t-shirt, braless – what a sight for sore eyes! It’s not long before Abbi has a wet t-shirt and we can see her massive heavy tits through the wet material. We then get an inside the car perspective as Abbi gets her huge tits out, soaps them up, before pressing them against the window.

Download the full 30+ Photos, Hi-Res Picture Set [5000 x 3333px] over at Abbi Secraa.

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14 Responses to “Abbi Secraa: Wet T-Shirt Car Wash”

  1. MisterC Says:

    Would love to know the “dry” weight of beauties

  2. Hugey Says:

    Can you imagine the queue at the petrol/gas station where Abbi is doing car washes, lol.

    Maybe in these pics Abbi has gone to the other end of the queue which is now 10 miles outside of the city, deep in the coutryside :)

  3. MisterC Says:

    Yea but she would be very inefficient as an employee. She would draw tons of customers, but I would imagine the line would not move very fast.

  4. Hugey Says:

    Lol MisterC – that queue’s going nowhere… guys are coming out of the garage and joining the queue again, the view is so good!!

  5. MisterC Says:

    “Hugey” I thought about a car wash with MissesC doing the washing, but realized that just like with Abbi anything above a J-Cup would completely stagnate the line……..

  6. Hugey Says:

    MisterC – sounds like you’re a very lucky man :) that is, MissesC is bigger than a J-Cup?

  7. MisterC Says:

    “Hugey” she has been measured & fitted for a 40M, but only fills it out during the full moon with fluid retention for about a week (too big for her most of the time). Otherwise she wears her smaller sizes 40K & 40L. We actually put up a bunch of videos on “dailymotion” & “xHamster”.

    I now remember where a similar scene was shot in a video like Abbi’s last picture…done by the fabulous Milena.

  8. Hugey Says:

    MisterC – DAMN!! 40M….you lucky lucky man! AND you’ve uploaded some videos to DailyMotion and xHamster! can you share URLs or are they private?

    Btw, my car really needs washed, lol :)

    Btw2, if MissesC and you like sharing, I created a Reader’s Wives with Big Tits category:

  9. MisterC Says:

    Thanks for the wives section I will have to see about posting a few,and you are welcome to post anything you want here. Heck she has videos posted elsewhere on the web by guys promoting dating sites, so feel free to post here if you want. Especially to true breast men. Here are a couple links:



  10. hugey Says:

    MisterC – **Unbelieavable** What a women….MAN oh Man oh Man, hot, hot, hot!! Pass on my compliments to wonderful MissesC – she is off-the-scale huge and heavy. You are one lucky man :) What a discovery! can’t believe how many videos you guys have posted over at DM. I’ll definitely need to post about MissesC here. The readers here are going to love her. DAMN!! Watch this space…

  11. Ralph Says:

    Abbi is a living doll. This woman has it all!

  12. Tank Says:

    I’d love to live this photoshoot everyday!

  13. Femsup Says:

    Hello Mr & Mrs C glad to see you posting againBeen a long time fan of your Lass on The Breast Files.Are you both well and in good form?

  14. BIG DICK Says:


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